Aldrick Boothe Election campaign and community development

As “the most effective leadership isn’t about having all the answers. It’s about being human, connecting with people and unleashing their fullest potential”

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Meet Aldrick Boothe a diplomatic, trustworthy and compassionate patriotic citizen, who wishes to see nothing but the best for Jamaica. Hence, it is my dream to stand firm and make a difference in my community. I was born and bred in rural Philadelphia, St. Ann Jamaica. Driven by my passion to help with development and effective leadership, I am offering myself as a candidate, with a desire to serve the people of the Bamboo Division in the local government election slated in February 2022. I am humbly asking for your support to fund my campaign, in order to change the issues that I was forced to live with as a child which now still exist among the members of my constituency. Help me to effectively represent my people through programs such as community development, better educational opportunities by improving access to adequate digital space, youth development and skills training. These four main areas of focus, will transform the lives of our citizens and provide them with a fair chance at life.  

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