Egg/chicken business assistance

We’ll make a chicken coop and sell mainly eggs as a second form of income for our family of 6.  

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, Trinidad and Tobago

Hello family and friends, it’s me Tamasha St.Marthe. Due to my son Alexander having autism and me having to homeschool him, I am unable to work outside of our home. So as to be able to contribute to the wellbeing of my family, I would like to start an egg and chicken business. I’m kindly asking for donations towards this cause. Your contribution will be greatly appreciated.

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Anonymous $55.05 March 29, 2023
Wendy Nurse $27.68 March 23, 2023
Andrew Radford $55.05 March 06, 2023
Constant Niyonzima $55.05 March 06, 2023
Jemaul Griffith $27.68 March 06, 2023
Monica Camus Santos $33.15 March 06, 2023
Anonymous $55.05 March 06, 2023
Shelly Squires $55.08 February 26, 2023


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