Educate a Child, Save a Family

Tamia comes from a family of seven (7), including her mother and six (6) siblings.  Her mother, Nicole Morrison is unemployed, however, she accesses seasonal day’s work from time to time at a vegetable factory in her community. The family is unable to sustain itself economically and financially.



My name is Tami Buchanan.  Since being accepted at the Mico University College in 2021, I have been struggling financially.

I left Seaforth High school with eleven (11) subjects, including nine (9) CSEC, one (1)CAPE and one (1) City & Guilds. I am the first in my family to go to college and I would really like to continue this journey and complete it.

 I am loving my classes and doing well, however, my tuition fees were not paid for Semester 1 – 2021/2022, consequently, I am not able to access my grades.

As the first girl of both my parents, I want to be a role model for my three (3) younger siblings.  There are six (6) children in the family, however, my two older brothers are no longer living with us.  My mother does seasonal work at Canco Limited (manufacturer of processed vegetables) in our community. She cares for four (4) of us and herself. Sometimes she does not earn enough to purchase food for the family much less other necessities.

I love school and I am working hard to accomplish my goal of being the first in my family to finish college. If I am blessed with assistance, my intention is to use my education to lift my family out of poverty and to help educate others, so, they can better themselves and help their loved ones.

Tamia Buchanan


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Since 2015 Living Hope Jamaica (LHJ) has been contributing, through the Adina Cornwall Scholarship Fund (ACSF), to a student of the Jamaica Theological Seminary, who is pursuing a programme of study to help other young people in the development process. In 2020, another dimension, aptly tagged “Educate a Child, Save a Family” was added to the Programme. Each year a candidate with identifiable potential, is selected from among the poor families whose socio-economic needs are supported by LHJ. This individual is assisted with his/her career goals. Upon completing his/her course of study, s/he is expected to assist the Family in achieving economic independence.

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