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If anyone wants to assist me, my phone number is 600 8872. I’m grateful for any help you can give, even in the form of prayers. Thank you.


Dezhaun Humes

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, Belize

Hello. My name is Dezhaun Humes. I’m 26 years old. 7 years ago I sustained multiple gunshot wounds. One of those bullets damaged my spinal cord and left me paralyzed. With the help of physical therapy, I managed to regain upper body strength hoping to one day walk again.

Since early August of this year I fell gravely ill.. I developed gastroenteritis which led to severe dehydration and acute kidney failure. I had no appetite; I felt weak and was unable to get out of my bed and into my wheelchair which is a daily obligation to prevent bed sores and other complications. I was too weak and I found myself sleeping most of the day. I now have several bed sores, some of which need professional cleaning. I’ve been in and out KHMH to treat them but I need outpatient care for them until they are fully healed. I still have several bed sores, some very deep, and I’m currently in need of a home care service to properly manage them. Im also in need of Physical Therapy.

The Department of Human Services used to help me but for the past year and Five Months , for some unknown reason they abruptly discontinued the assistance they used to give me.

Basically, I’m appealing to anyone who can assist me with wound care and physical therapy. I’d appreciate any assistance rendered to me. My life depends on it as these sores keep getting deeper and infected.

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