Desperate mother seeks help for son with chronic eczema

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, Jamaica

Olivia Daley, mother of 10-year-old Dayquan Drummond, is overwhelmed as she tries to deal with the issues associated with eczema affecting her son.

Olivia Daley said that her son has done several blood tests with no real solution in sight.

Dayquan has not been to school for over a year and, even when he is at home, the youngster is unable to participate in online learning as he cannot use his fingers.

“I need medication for him because a nuff time when I go up there (Bustamante Hospital) I don’t get all the medication and I have to buy them,” she said, pointing out that the small business she operates is not doing well at this time.

The single mother of two said she has no one to help her and is distraught at the thought that her son might be losing his hand.

“The other day, they (doctors) said they are going to cut his hand … after three years of going there … it hard for him to get cut.”

Bewailing the fact that her business has slowed drastically, Daley said the average sales from her business amounted to $12,000 to $15,000, with her monthly expenses exceeding $30,000 for medication, bus fare and blood tests.

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