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Cornea degradation.

Bi-lateral Keratoconus

by Raheem McDonald

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, Jamaica

Raheem McDonald

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I was diagnosed with this condition at it’s very latest stage (age 21), this disease is actually a progressive one and had it been caught earlier would have been a lot less expensive to manage. I haven’t been able to continue working or going to school, as my vision is down to 5% in one eye and 20% in the other. My Mom has for my entire life taken care of me and now that I am unable to do much now, the burden lays on her. My Dad who has never done anything for me since birth, came around at age 19 and offered to file for me to join him in Canada. As this was pre-covid, I was still gainfully employed and doing short courses in Animation and Graphic Designing. After my eye condition was made known, he refused to have the burden of dealing with me, even though my eyes would have stood a better chance there. I am asking for assistance, because things are not the brightest and my Mom is putting aside her needs (she has 3 critical illnesses), in order to take care of mine. Thanks for anything that you can afford.


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