2in1 Pen/Box Cutter Knife

The 2in1 Pen Box Cutter is designed to look like a regular pen with a button on the side that releases the box cutter through an open slot at the top of the pen. Then depressing the button to retract the blade back inside the pen. So simple and easy to use. No hassle and an effective tool for everyone to use.

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, Jamaica

Hello. My name is Andrea. I am an Entrepreneur from Jamaica. I have been in the Position of a Receival Officer for some time now and I have observed that the core function of a Receival Officer is greatly hampered by not having an effective tool to do both writing and opening of boxes during deliveries. So I came up with what I think is an effective little tool to do both at the same time saving money, time and the life your pen, because it gets destroyed a lot, while tying to use it to open boxes, (not effective or efficienct).

The name of the tool is 2in1 Pen/Box Cutter knife which has a US patent pending status. I think this Pen/Box Cutter will be a game changer in the diaspora for aiding all businesses in perrforming effective, efficient deliveries that will amount to less time being consumed trying to find something that works. When in truth there isn’t anything that can do the job required efficienctly, other than the 2in1 Pen/Box Cutter Knife.

Please share this link with your friends and family’s and let’s see how soon we can make this much needed new device a reality for all.  Thank you.

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