What’s this Crowdfunding About?

This may sound like a lot, but it’s actually really simple. Think about it, funding from a crowd. Anyone can raise funds from anywhere with the help of everyone online through crowdfunding because there is a greater access to persons online all over the world.

How are we different? 

Need funds but not sure about paying back? That is the main difference, completely opposite from getting funding from a bank or financial institution.More often than not, especially for small or large startups, the process may be lengthy to do all the paperwork that needs to get done before you can even consider getting funding from the financial institutions, which may limit or demotivate someone from pursuing a dream especially when interest rates come into play. Similarly, for someone who needs extra funding for home or school purposes.

So it’s like the dream and ideas are big, but the opportunity for investment and capital is small. On the contrary, a crowdfunding platform switches that around completely because you get to share your story with anyone, anywhere, without most of the hassle, which puts you in a better position to facilitate receiving the funds you need. Usually, you would need to spend quite a bit of time putting pitches together, building your own network, or struggle with not even knowing where to start or who to turn to for whatever it may be.

With crowdfunding, it is way easier for you to get your story heard by many interested persons, because people are out there who would love to help, but how can they help if they don’t know you need help? And guess what? It won’t even cost you anything!

What types are there?

There are mainly three types of crowdfunding, 


The donation based funding is where there is absolutely no pay back for any funding that is received from a contributor or investor. Many individuals or charities use this method and we facilitate that at RealHelpingHands.com 


The Reward based funding is what business would usually gravitate towards because when persons contribute, the option is available to reward a contributor or investor with a product or service from the company that they are investing in, it is also a means of getting your product more marketable and still subtly apart of donation based funding because there is no financial pay back, just a reward as a thank you to the investors. 


Equity funding is definitely related to the businesses, because who ever contributes actually becomes an owner in the company too because through this method, the contribution is actually a trade between capital and equity shares.

You can choose what method works best for you and your goal, while we are here to help facilitate that growth.

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