Freds Retirement Fund

i stumbled across him when i went into McDonalds the day after my dads funeral his kindness immediately drew me in.

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Help Little Savannah Fight Cancer

Join us in supporting Savannah McDonald, an 8-year-old girl full of joy and resilience, who was diagnosed with cancer on October 14, 2023. Despite her challenges, Savannah maintains a positive attitude and dreams of a bright future. Currently receiving treatment at the University Hospital of the West Indies, the medical expenses are overwhelming for her family.

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Ruby’s School Read-a-thon

Please help Ruby raise money for her school readathon. She aims to read twenty children’s books for the challenge. This is a big step for her given her dyslexia so all encouragement welcome.

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Trench Town & West Kingston Youth Football

The Umoja Management group was formed as a combative effort through football to stem the loss of young boys to gang recruitment in communities of Trench Town and West Kingston in  summer 2019.  The group currently has both boys and girls ranging from ages 7- 15 and has partnered with Norbrook Strikers Academy, which allowed them to gain valuable development and exposure, since 2019 the group has won (3) U10, (6) U11, (3) U12  and (2) U9.  The group was invited to Minnesota Target Cup Last July , However none of the players made the trip due to no passport, In December  the group was invited to Tampa which we had eight (8) secured passport and visas and went to help Norbrook Strikers be crowned as champions in U11 and…

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Artificial Hip Replacement Surgery Needed for Delroy

Delroy Barran of Mc Cooks Pen SDA Church, St. Catherine, has been bedridden for a few months. His hip is severely damaged, and he has been experiencing nonstop great pain and discomfort.  Due to his immobility, he has not been able to attend church or engage in any activity that requires him to walk or do any form of physical work .  Friends who visited him have expressed that just getting up to open his door causes pain. He is unable to sleep comfortably as well.

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Help Janice in Getting Cataract Surgery

Janice is a retired woman who is in dire need of Cataract Surgery before she completely uses her eye sight

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