Help Gladys Osbourne Beat Cancer!

Gladys Osbourne has always served others with her kindness, generosity, and loving spirit. Now she is in need of the care and empathy she has freely given through the years. Gladys was recently diagnosed with a life-threatening form of cancer and is in dire need of treatment. We are asking for your financial support as we seek to ensure that Gladys receives the necessary treatment to restore her to full health. We are kindly asking for the community that she has served with love, to pledge their support and help this compassionate woman in her time of need. Your kindness in this regard is truly appreciated. Thank you.

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Jamaica, Jamaica

There is something about Gladys Ferguson Osbourne that many agree is rare and one of a kind. She is the epitome of the virtuous woman described in Proverbs 31:16-29. A woman who lives as though she’s the only representative of God’s love on earth. She’s given her substance and frame to bring joy and comfort to just about everyone she meets. Recently diagnosed with a very elusive cancer, this cherished sister, aunty, friend, mother and grandmother need our help. She is currently receiving treatment at a Wellness facility in Jamaica and to positive results too; however, her illness is serious and requires a stay of 6 additional months. She needs your prayers, monetary gifts, and support to assist with ongoing expenses related to her treatment, care, and recovery. Today you have the opportunity to enable this wonderful woman to continue to do what she does best: LIVE to love! Thanks in advance for your compassion, generosity, and much-needed support! Sincerely, The Family & Friends of Gladys Ferguson Osbourne

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